If we've learnt one thing this last year, it's how much the UK has to offer. And, like many families, we have a thirst for adventure and a desire to escape to the great outdoors.

Which is how we came to know the team at TentBox.

A TentBox gives you the freedom to explore much like a camper van or caravan, but without the hassle and expense. It fits easily and neatly on top of most cars (you don't need an SUV, but we can help you with this if you do), without eating into valuable space inside for family and appurtenances.

There are currently three versions: Lite, Classic and Cargo (the Classic is shown here, Cargo below) with a range of accessories to fit your lifestyle.

But quite simply, there's nothing like climbing up onto the roof your car to sleep under the stars on a nice, flat, comfy mattress...

If you're in or near West Sussex, you can see ours on the forecourt when it's not in use. Failing that, follow us on Instagram for regular updates or simply...

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We find ourselves being asked this a lot. To be fair, it was our first question too. The simple answer is yes.

TentBox has a comprehensive FAQ section on their site, but to give you quick answers to two main questions here:

Weight - the weight of the box (max 65kg) and occupants (no comment), is ultimately supported by the car's steel frame. So long as you're not moving (highly dangerous and very illegal), your car will support this "static" weight.

Installation - we'll be adding our time-lapse video soon, but the short answer is, very quick and very easy. Unless you're The Rock, it's a two man job, but once on and aligned, it locks in tight very quickly. Then the fun begins...


You do need roof racks - which we can assist with.

Check the height of your vehicle if you're installing it in a garage or showroom...we almost learnt the hard way.

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